Management and Planning of Real Estate Projects

We are specialized in understanding your requirements and needs, Furthermore, we also provide technical and financial advice on your ongoing project that is not meeting your expectations. We make sure the initial idea of your dream home becomes a reality.

In a pre-construction study, we analyse the needed requirements for a successful realization of your house, such as:
  • Evaluate all the required permits for construction in Colombia.
  • Design your home according to your wishes.
  • Provide an estimated budget based on the construction activities and specifications.
  • Monitor the costs during the construction process and ensure an optimal completion and
    management of your project.

Viability and Feasibility Studies of Real Estate Projects

We determine the feasibility of your project providing a reliable and accurate analysis based on the real and recent market parameters and regulations. 

A feasibility study generally includes elements such as the purpose of the study, project requirements and needs, alternative solutions, estimated construction cost and other recommendations.

Design and Construction

We design and build spaces that meet the demands of each of our clients with cutting-edge designs and efficient construction processes.

  • Design and Construction of Urban Housing, Summer Houses, and Recreational Farms from scratch.
  • Planning and Execution of Real Estate Investment Projects.
  • Remodelling, Renovation, Repowering, and Recovery of Residential and Commercial Spaces. 


We dedicate time to understand your needs and expectations when acquiring a real estate property, whether it is a used home, a lot to build on, or a farm. Once we identify your objectives, we will search for the right location, perform commercial evaluations of the property, background checks and technical analysis of the real estate.


We are constantly striving for investment opportunities in the real estate market to offer our clients a solid, and reliable IRR, CoC, and Equity Multiples through alliances with different companies of experience and solidity in the Colombian real estate market. 

Do you want to make your investments more profitable and your life easier? Contact us to find out how.